MSDT: #366200

Fat Thursday at Scubalife.EU. Here is the editorial set – it has been known for a long time that coffee is the most important (right after the editorial dog). And since we have coffee, donut and tablet altogether, know that something is happening.

Soon the first large article will appear on the site (hopefully a first out of longer series). For now, we’ll keep the topic secret, but I assure you that it’s worth waiting and following Scubalife.EU here and on Facebook too.

PADI MSDT TDI Adv. Trimix & CCR Normoxic Trimix at Scubalife.EU | Website

An IT network engineer by profession. A passionate diver. Active diving instructor and EFR (Emergency First Response & Secondary Care) instructor. Technical diver TDI Advanced Trimix Open Circuit and X-CCR Normoxic Trimix. Closed circuit diving enthusiast.

Z zawodu inżynier sieci informatycznych. Z zamiłowania płetwonurek. Czynny instruktor nurkowania oraz instruktor EFR (Emergency First Response & Secondary Care). Nurek techniczny TDI Advanced Trimix Open Circuit i X-CCR Normoxic Trimix. Entuzjasta nurkowania na obiegu zamkniętym na X-CCR.