MSDT: #366200

Under the surface

Some ask: “what you’re looking for there?”, others say “I also wanted to try!”, “can anyone dive?”, “what do I need to go under the water?”, “do I need special training or courses?”, “it’s probably an expensive hobby and costing you a fortune!”

These are just a few questions about diving that I have heard. It seems to me that a few of them I can give a fairly simple answer… How much is the first breath underwater? Materially little. In my case, the only cost was associated with emotions. To be honest, it’s good to have also at least 20-25 euros. But the feeling, when suddenly you start to see the underwater world, with all the physical consequences (other refraction, colour absorption) is unique and worth this money. And on top of it, you still breathing, you can hear every breath. You do not need to go down to the extreme depths to feel the adrenaline rush associated with the fact of staying underwater. In time, with each dive, grows naturally desire to experience new sensations. All of us want to see what life is like deeper. Man also wants to know the limits of their capabilities.

Recreational diving, because that type is on my mind now, delivers emotions every time. You can learn something new regardless of the depth. You learn your body’s response to the pressure and temperature, you learn how to maintain contact with your partner, polishing the part of non-verbal language. You learn group behavior. Suddenly, you’re the one element of the whole team, which descends into the water and you are also responsible for ensuring that the team as a whole appeared on the surface.